The Beauty Project

The Beauty Project 

Because You Are Amazing!

Is a different type of boudoir photography that consists of 3 different styles of Fine Art Portraiture for Women designed to show all the beauty of today’s modern women. The beauty project is especially designed for women between 25 and 70 years of age.

The reason’s very as to why it has become so popular, some of the reason are; doing for themselves (a treat if you would from the kids, job etc.) to celebrate a birthday, a milestone in their life, and of course as a gift for their husband, boyfriend or significant other. I think most are secretly doing for themselves.

The different styles are Light, Dark and Beauty. Many ask what the difference is between Light and Dark styles? What is Beauty?

The Light style is soft, feminine, fashion accented with a connection to the camera. Often created in light open rooms such as a bedroom with lots of windows.

The Dark style is for the women to be outwardly sexy. Usually the outfits are darker and more shaped to the body creating a little pizzazz. Usually a little more edgy, created in a darker setting in the home with more distinct lighting.

The Beauty style is for women to look Glamorous. Usually the clothing is more in the formal evening wear type. Sometimes this is called “Glam” for short.

Many women do two!

Individual styles are $360 on location in the comfort and privacy of your home. Hair, makeup and eyelashes are in addition to and recommended by most women for a more lavish experience.

The Beauty Project in Michigan is exclusively offered by Memorable Moments Photography.

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