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Be aware that many studio’s are cookie cutter studio’s, (your images will look just like your friends that went to the same studio) some actually have you pick your pose by number, or better yet is the studio that employs other seniors to do your senior pictures. Many charge extra for clothing and background changes. Most charge extra for retouching and enhancements. And. . . if you want some park shots, beech shots, pool shots, you’re pretty much out of luck because an outdoor session to them is out the back door to the parking lot, gazebo, or yard.
The reason many studio work with these conditions is simply volume! You can’t do as many seniors in a day if you actually go to a park, the beech, or change clothes, and backgrounds. It’s a costly extra to pay an artist to do the enhancement and retouching which effect the volume as well.

Your Senior Pictures Are The Most Important Pictures

You’ll Ever Have Created.
You’ll love having your senior pictures done at your home, yard or park! You’ll have all your clothing for changes, no problem with forgetting the shoes, etc. there is time for a quick break and you can play YOUR MUSIC as loud as YOU want it! That because we come to you, so yes, we do go to the park, we do go to the beech, we will photograph you by your pool, your car, and with your boyfriend. We’ll do the yearbook photo, and the kind of photographs mom, dad, grandma and grandpa want and like (we can’t forget them). We’ll do some cool Black and White, Sepia and Split toning no problem.

We are NOT volume based, we are Quality based!
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And Here’s What Other Seniors Are Saying About Memorable Moments Photography:

“For a personal touch, and photos that are more unique Memorable Moments is wonderful!”  Andrea B. = Mercy High
“I seen another girl’s portraits and I loved them, so I went to Memorable Moments. I especially liked all the different backgrounds and the ones outside.”
Ginette  W.  =  Wayne Memorial
“The photos are a lot sharper than in other studios. The poses varied and a lot of creativity was put to use. I can’t think of anything I would change about my session.”   Leyna    M.  =  Stevenson High

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