Molly’s Birthday

Molly’s Birthday

Molly’s birthday photography was a success. I photographed Molly in the backyard and indoors in front of Algerian wall art.

(Back Story on How this Came About)
My special needs daughter is turning 8 on March 14th, and I was wondering if anyone knew the dynamics of getting her name on something. She saw the other night “Happy Birthday So and So” on a restaurant billboard and asked if it would be her name on her birthday. Anyone know of a business on Milford Rd or 59 that would be willing to put it up for a day? Do they ask for money for that? That started it off. Want to read more go to

Molly Dolly on Saturday had her hair done at the salon. Bill Gailey of (The Village Engravers in Milford) paid to have her hair done and even got her a tiara. I

did the photography for her birthday.

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