Newborn Photography

How To  Get Newborn Photography You’ll Love Guaranteed!

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Simply the BEST! We call this the “Mommy, Daddy & Me” session. They grow so fast, you’ll need this session done within the first 2 weeks of baby’s arrival. These are newborn photography images you’ll cherish forever. Your baby will never be this small again. They are so Special! Call Right Now.

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How to Plan for your Newborn Photography session. . .

Baby Photography Ideas;

  • lan on some soft nightgown’s for you, some khaki colored pants for dad.
  • Allow plenty of time, this session usually takes an hour or more (allowing time for feeding and changing).
  • Have plenty of towels, receiving blankets, or cloth diapers handy, new babies tend to make unexpected messes.
  • Try not to feed your baby till just before we start so your baby sleeps through the session. (They’re so beautiful.)
  • Of course jot down or keep samples of ideas you have.



The Secrets 99% Of All The People In The World Don’t Know, Or Ask!

  1. Demand That Your Photographer GUARANTEE – “You’ll Love Your Newborn Photography”. Most photographers WILL NOT!   CHECK THIS OUT – See Guarantee Page. (Click on Guarantee)
  2. Ask if your photographer if AT NO EXTRA CHARGE will come out to your home to do  your newborn’s photography session in the warmth, comfort and privacy of your own home?Or, do you have to pack up your newborn baby, and then take your baby out in the weather and elements.
  3. Ask your photographer how much time is allowed for your newborn photography?   Most studios are trying to crank so many sessions through in a day, they only have a short amount of time to photograph your baby. Did you know that the average baby photographer spends ONLY 12.5 MINUTES photographing a baby? That’s insane! Your Photographer MUST Allow At Least ONE HOUR To Photograph Your Baby to allow for feeding, changing etc. This Is A Biggie.

Session can be FREE as part of our “Babies First Year Baby Plan“. Book early (before baby arrives) and get some special images you’ll brag to all the friends and family about for years to come.  See Specials Page. (Click on Specials to check out)
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