Light or Dark What To Wear

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Light or Dark What To Wear is our guide for you to have the best session ever. I feel it’s important to give you the most up to date information on how to choose outfits for your boudoir session. Ultimately I’m sure that you want to pick the ones that will provide you with the best images you’ll cherish.

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So first you have to decide if you’re doing a LIGHT or DARK session.  That will have a significant impact on what you choose.  So I’ll cover my recommendations by the type of session.  First however, I do want to stress that this is not a pinup session.  Leave those little “costumes” in the closet.  This is about lingerie, and/or clothing, that make you feel sexy, soft and gorgeous.  Not like a “French maid”.   My other recommendation is leave that sports jerseys in the closet, but I’ll talk about that shortly.

Light Sessions;

What works?   Well I’d say the best advice I can give you is that any form of lingerie works as long as you feel comfortable in it.
The options are endless, i.e bra and underwear sets, corsets, bustiers, babydolls, garters, stockings, etc.  All of those things can be pieced together to make great combinations that feel sexy.   But be careful that you are picking things that you don’t feel awkward or silly in.  Example … corsets aren’t for everyone.  They are tight and restrictive, and while flattering to just about any body type, can be a bit of “overkill” for some people.  Babydolls / cami’s and things of that nature work well on pretty much everyone, but some don’t show a lot of body shaping.  The ones that have the built in bra tops are typically the best.

I’m not a huge fan of anything that is to “satiny” a fabric.  I prefer flatter looks and organza, which is softer and prettier, plus doesn’t bounce the light around from here to eternity.  Please don’t have satin sheets for that reason.

Stockings or Stay-ups?  I find if anything is going to confuse a client, it’ll be that question.  Stockings are only of use if you have a garter belt or garters attached to an outfit.  They will not stay up without them.  Stay-ups are exactly that … they have rubber and they stay-up.  They are not, however, any good with garters because typically the rubber gets in the way and won’t let it hook properly.  So each is useful depending on what sort of outfits you have.  The other thing that people worry about is the fact that both can sometimes cut into the leg.  Don’t worry about it, that’s what Photoshop is for … it’s all good and quite frankly whether it be “Stockings or Stay-ups” both look fabulous, so try to include at least one pair for one outfit choice.

Bra and underwear sets are great, but make sure they match.  None matching sets look like you just threw it together.  Now sometimes you can combine cute underwear with a slouchy sweater and it looks fantastic.

And don’t forget about something with garter belts and stockings.  That always looks sexy.  There are different ways you can accomplish this.  Some babydolls/teddies have garters.  You can purchase just a garter belt.  One of the newest looks is the waist top underwear with garter belts.

My biggest word of caution … if you don’t like it, don’t bring it out.  If you’re wearing something you are not comfortable in, the photos will reflect that.

Now let’s talk about props.  I like props.  Props can be small or large.  They can be something that means something to him, or they can simply enhance your image.  Some props that work are guitars, trench coats, hats, leather and fur vests, small flowers, their cars, and so on.

Just don’t bring out props that don’t enhance the photo, i.e. his football helmet.  Think about how this will work with lingerie.

Jewelry can also be a great addition to your outfit, but again, don’t bring things that won’t enhance the images.  I really like earrings, bracelets and rings.  Some necklaces work well … some don’t let’s look it.


So there are definitely some things that you should not use.  My typical list includes:

  1. Boots – it’s very rare that an outfit looks good in them.  Those little ankle boots are horrible and make your legs look shorter.  They look great with pants … not so great with lingerie.
  2. Shoes – leave home the “office” pumps and anything with a heel under 3″.  Also, typically shoes that have large ankle wrap pieces look pretty much like the ankle boots.  I likely wouldn’t choose those.
  3. Necklaces – I’m putting them on the list because most of them I won’t use.  You are up, down, laying down, etc. constantly.  Necklaces typically end up all over the place.  So overall I don’t like to use them, but they can be used for the odd image to make a really cool photo. So keep them on the “maybe” list.
  4. SPORTS JERSEYS – NO WAY!!! They are absolutely the ugliest garments on the planet and they are NOT SEXY!!  I know that you want to make the shoot for him, but I think seeing you in sexy lingerie is more than enough for him … you in a sports shirt that looks like a sack kind of defeats the purpose of the whole thing. Sorry.

So overall there you have my recommendations for the “LIGHT” sessions.


These sessions are a completely different cup of tea.  They are 100% all about the body.  A lot of the lingerie suggestions I made for the “LIGHT” session WILL NOT work for these.   So I’m going to approach this differently than I did above.  I’m going to tell you what NOT to bring.  It’s merely a process of elimination from what you had shown above.
So first and most important, as I mentioned, is that this is about the body; it’s shape and skin texture.  I’m sure then when I say that corsets and non-form fitting items will not work, you can understand why.  Bra and underwear sets work best.  I don’t like corsets because typically they have to be tight by nature, which means no movement and leave bad marks on the body from the boning.  So those are out.
Also, I prefer NO JEWELERY for these sessions.  Mostly because I don’t want the focus on something you’re wearing on your wrist or neck.  You do still need your wedding rings but you can leave the other jewelry in your jewelry box.

NO PROPS … props don’t work for these sessions.  The prop will not enhance the session and will in a lot of cases cause shadows.  Again it’s about your body.

COLORS … SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT:  Unlike “LIGHT” sessions where you can pretty much get away with any color combo, for dark sessions you need to stay away from light colors.  No whites, pastels, creams or anything of that nature.  No super neon’s like fuchsia pink or crazy turquoise.  These colors will become beacons in the night light and totally ruin the entire effect of the shoot.

SO WHAT WORKS:  As I mentioned, bra and underwear sets.  Snug fitting babydolls and teddies.  Garters and stockings look awesome.  Think layering and peeling away clothes.  That can be very sexy.  Tight stretchy lacy garments worn over a black bra and underwear set looks amazing and it can be pushed to the waist, over the bra, etc.  So it makes a good “prop” of sorts as well.    As far as colors, stick to dark shades.  It doesn’t have to be black.  Dark blues, purples and reds work well.  Animal prints like leopard, i.e. not black & white like zebra, work well, especially if they are combined with black.  Use the same guideline for your shoes as you do for your lingerie.  No light colors, all dark.  And if all else fails, I like barefoot for dark sessions a lot too.

So there you have it for all of my best suggestions.  I hope this helps you when you’re trying to decide what you need to shop for.  Of course, as always, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call

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Have fun shopping!