How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

Because You Are Amazing!

How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session is our suggestions to best prepare you for your session because ultimately you want nothing but the best photos, right!

One of the many things that come up is how do you prepare for your boudoir session. Whether it be a “light” or “dark” you’ll want to take these suggestions seriously.  I’ve taken a lot of time to put together all of these suggestions to best prepare you for your session because you want the best photos … right! If you have any other questions not covered here please don’t hesitate to call!

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Lets get started:

Relaxed, and On Time! That’s how I want you to start your session. So the night before, take a relaxing bath and go to bed early after downing some water and moisturizing. The morning of, get your outfits ready, have more water, a light breakfast and relax till we arrive. If you’re not ready by more than 30 minutes we may have to reschedule {a reschedule fee will apply}. And remember every minute you’re late cuts into our photography time. I want you to have every minute possible to feel glamorous and beautiful.  If you are running late, I would ask that you give me a call to let me know.  I don’t want to be worried about you, plus the hair and makeup artist if scheduled might be on a tight schedule or I might have another session booked right after you, so it’s good to know if you’re going to be late.  Also be prepared for a shortened session if someone is booked right after you and you arrive late.

PLEASE  DO NOT use lotions, body makeup, spray coloring or oils on your body at all for your session (NOTE THIS DOES NOT MEAN GENERAL SKIN MOISTURIZING THAT YOU WOULD DO AFTER A SHOWER … THAT’S FINE). You will be laying all over your furniture and bed linens, and the body lotions/oils will transfer onto them.  I know you don’t want an extra cleaning bill! The camera does not show slightly dry skin and if there’s anything that does, it can be adjusted in Photoshop.

Preparing your skin for makeup, whether you have booked it in your home or you are going elsewhere, please be sure to have a freshly moisturized face with no makeup to start. Also, you may want to moisturize your lips for a few days leading up to the shoot.  Putting Vaseline on your lips at bedtime will moisten them and give a good base for lip color for the session.  If you don’t wear makeup, please consider having your makeup done by a professional. You can have your makeup done at any MACY’s or Mary Kay Representative as an option. Makeup and eye lashes completes the look and is very important.

Please be sure to wear very loose clothing and underwear so as not to leave excessive marking on your skin before we start your session … just makes things look much better, particularly bra strap marks which can be nasty at times! Blue jeans are notorious for leaving bad marks on the body, so try to avoid them.  Also if you normally wear a watch and/or jewelry that is tight and leaves marks, please remove it well before your session.

When we arrive, we’ll quickly go through your outfits and I will pick the ones I want to photograph.

IMPORTANT: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU: DO NOT TAN, DO NOT USE SPRAY TANS OR BURN BEFORE YOUR SESSION AS THE RESULTS CAN BE DISASTEROUS! If you DO PLAN on tanning and/or going for a spray tan, please keep in mind that tan lines can be seen on camera.  Photoshoping of tan lines is an additional expense.  Also some spray tans do not photograph well and can be a tad orangey.Tanning causes skin color variations over the body because each area tans differently  I CAN’T FIX THIS!!! Photographically your natural skin tones will ALWAYS look more beautiful and even.

You might consider getting a manicure and pedicure, as your feet and hands will definitely be in the photos, however, I would shy away from very dark nail polishes, such as black, navy blue, etc.  They tend to make your nails look like black spots in the photos.  Something nice and neutral manicure or a sexy red/pink looks the best. Remember, if you’re nail polish is chipped, that’s going to cost a ton of extra money in retouching fees to fix, so it’s way better to start with something that looks good!!

For boudoir photography, personal grooming is essential to you loving your photos. I recommend the following:  Waxing or threading of the eyebrows and upper lip {because every woman over 35 has a little hair there, and even blonde will show up in some photos}. Do this a minimum of 3-4 days before your session so that any swelling is gone.  Waxing of the bikini line 3 days before, or a close shave with a new razor the day before. You know your body and how it reacts. Be sure to try on your outfits and clean up the area that shows. Note: If you’ve never waxed your privates before, you might not want to do this for the first time for your boudoir session because there’s no telling what the results will be.  So PLEASE NO EXPERIMENTATION, stick with what works.  Also, give your legs and underarms a clean shave the morning of your session.

Consider having your hair styled for the shoot by my stylist.  Keep in mind that frizzes are not retouched in the photos, so having it professionally styled can combat that problem.  Retouching of frizzes is an additional charge and is quoted on a per photo basis if you require it.  Be sure to touchup those roots.  In photos they will show up more … again HUGE retouching bill to fix, so be proactive and take care of it before your session.  If you wear your hair in an Ombre color style, that photographs fine, I’m talking more about short roots that should obviously not be there!!

YOU’VE BOOKED MY STYLIST FOR HAIR she prefers the hair washed and dry, but she is not fussy about whether you wash it the night before or day of the shoot, so whatever you prefer.  Please have it dry and ready to be styled with no products added other then what you would add when you’re washing.  If you have a particular style you want and/or perhaps wish to add extensions, please provide us with that information ahead of time so that I can inform the stylist.

YOU’VE BOOKED MY STYLIST FOR MAKEUP … she prefers clean and moisturized skin with no makeup as a starting point.  She will supply false lashes, so you do not need to supply them.  It’s worth considering having my stylist do your makeup for several reasons.  One being that she does the makeup for most of my clients and understands how “boudoir” makeup should look, and two she knows how I process and shoot.  She understands how much makeup needs to be applied so that it photographs well in MY STYLE.  Going elsewhere for makeup may not end in pleasing results and I do not take responsibility for bad makeup jobs … sorry.

If you decide to “do-it-yourself” makeup or to use a makeup artist of your choice because mine isn’t available, here are a few pointers on what you need to tell them.  You’re looking for “evening” style makeup.  Be clear that this is for a boudoir photoshoot.  Boudoir makeup and on camera is considerably heavier than you would normally wear to go out during the day.  I use a high key, over exposed look to give me the smoothest skin.  Unfortunately that tends to wash out makeup that isn’t applied heavy enough. Also think about coordinating the makeup with your outfits, so it’s helpful to let the makeup artist know what you’ll be wearing, i.e. colors.  The key is your eyes … your makeup artist needs to make them come alive.  Consider false lashes.  They look amazing on everyone.  If you aren’t familiar with a professional makeup artist, then you can always depend on MAC.  They have makeup counters everywhere and I’ve always seen great makeup jobs come my way from there.

Do drink a lot of water the week of your shoot. Don’t get wasted the night before.  Water is your friend. It will help you drop that last little bit of water weight. It will keep your skin, eyes and lips moist. It will give you energy! Try to drink those 8 glasses of water a day for the week before your session.  Yes, we can do a lot with makeup and Photoshop. But hangovers are hard to erase from under your eyes and zap your energy for your session. Just say no the night before.

Definitely eat before your session.  Don’t eat stuff that bloats you.  You need energy for this fun event. Please eat a nice meal that gives you lots of energy and makes you feel fantastic.  Avoid the obvious–beans, broccoli, dairy if it does a doozy on your tummy–the day before and of your session. For some people, that also means gum or caffeine. While I doubt the camera would notice, you will notice how you feel.

Let’s talk about attire … remember this is a boudoir session.  What generally works is bra and underwear sets, boy shorts with a bra, corset sets, bustiers, teddies, etc.  To mix things up a bit, you can bring a white dress shirt and tie, or a suit jacket that belongs to the man in your life.  Bring some jewelry, but keep it simple.  If you have sexy shoes, by all means bring them out, let use them.  Don’t forget a pair of stay ups because they always come in handy and complete a look. Corsets, waist cinchers and bustiers are the most flattering to any body type, so keep that in mind when shopping.

I will shoot only 3 outfits (2 for dark sessions). That is all that we can fit into the timeframe. Approximately 20 minutes shooting of each, 10 minutes for changing.  I suggest that if you have something specific that is important to be shot in, that you let us know right away.  I like to see a lot of various outfits, 4 minimum, so that I can choose the series and how I shoot it, but if something is important to fit in, then I must know so that I work around including that.  Also, and this is very important, if you’re going to do bra and underwear sets, be sure that you bring items that match. I will not photograph outfits that don’t match.  That does not lend itself well to boudoir. Unfortunately I can’t accommodate any additional outfits unless you book the additional time ahead at $100 per outfit, as I could have other sessions that day.

Many ladies ask about where the best places to get nice outfits for boudoir would be? The answer is where you are most comfortable, there are many local stores such as “Lovers Lane” some department stores such as “Target” and many others. Don’t forget on line but you have to allow plenty of time to assure proper fitting. At least local stores you can usually try them on there.

Enjoy Lingerie Shopping

Want more information, ask a question or just want to talk about it, feel free to  call (734) 513-8100 / Toll FREE (877) 640-8150

And last but not least, you will look better without the aid of alcohol during your session. For that reason alcohol is not allowed during any of our photo sessions buy any one. After enjoy! You deserve it.