Cebella’s Pizza

Cebella’s Pizza

Mixing dough Pepperoni Pizza Chicago Style Pizza Hand Tossed Pizza Dough Submarine Sandwich

We had the honor of photographing a few menu items at Cebella’s Pizza. Dave Crawford makes a great pizza you really need to check out. They’re in Livonia on 5 mile in the plaza at Newburgh Rd and they deliver in Livonia part of Plymouth and part of Northville.

Dave Crawford is making a pizza the right way. They mix all their own dough from scratch following an exact recipe that has been handed down, (none of the bought stuff that most pizza shops use). They then make several different types of pizza you can choose from, plus great sub sandwiches, Broasted Chicken, other goodies and some cookies grandma would love to call hers.

They make a Chicago style pizza that their customers rave about, I personally enjoyed their hand tossed pizza. And. . . I can say it was great.

Give then a call at (734) 542-0800

You can check out their menu at