Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography

Because You Are Amazing!

You’ll experience a Boudoir Photography session that is anything but ordinary! In your Fine Art Boudoir experience we’ll create beautiful feminine images you’ll love! Pictures you’ll keep forever. Some may say the finest Fine Art Boudoir Michigan and now you can save 1/2 on our basic package Gift Voucher. Click here.

Our packages are for all women regardless of shape, size or age. We call it The Beauty Project!

We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy a Memorable Moments Beauty Project photo experience so we have created our packages with a price that will suit everyone. Several packages include a full makeover including hair, makeup & lashes.

Call  734 – 513-8100   or  Toll FREE  877 – 640-8150 for more detailed Information.  

Your Fine Art Boudoir Photography shoot will take place in the comfort and privacy of your own home or venue of your choice.

“Every Women Is Beautiful”                         Fine Art Boudoir Michigan image

There are many special occasions when you might like a Fine Art Boudoir photo shoot; as a Birthday or Anniversary Gift, or maybe as a Christmas or Valentine present? Perhaps your getting married and want to give your future partner a very special personal gift? If you are a mom-to-be then what  better way is there to celebrate the beauty of your pregnancy than be capturing your image during these very special time.

It could be you have re-shaped your figure and want to capture the “new you” or simply no other reason than to feel amazing about yourself!

Whatever your reason we will create a portfolio of dignified, professional and respectful images which will celebrate your uniqueness and capture your sensuality and femininity in a way that will change the way you see yourself forever.

No matter what your size, shape or age be empowered and release the fun, sassy and sensual you!

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Fine Art Boudoir Photography

‘Boudoir’ is a genre of photography which aims to create the intimacy, sensuality and sexiness of a woman. Boudoir is more about ‘implied’ than ‘explicit’.

Historically the ‘boudoir’ is a suite of rooms including the bathroom, dressing room and bedroom – a place of privacy, intimacy and secrecy, where a lady could spend her time as she wished.

Your Beauty Project photo shoot will generally take place within your ‘Boudoir/Bedroom’ setting thereby bringing together the photographic genre and historical boudoir. This will create for you an amazing unique, meaningful and authenticate  experience.

Beauty Project Styles

The Beauty Project Styles basically consist of 4 different styles. If however you have something else in mind that you would like to create we won’t hold you back, just let us know. If you are unsure, we’ll be happy to help you through.

Our team (usually Bill, Beverly and a stylist) will be available to you before your photo shoot to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have. This will help you feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable for your photo shoot and get the kind of images we all want for you.

A boudoir photograph is typically of a woman partly clothed. However if you feel more comfortable ‘wearing just a little bit more’ such as jeans, your man’s white shirt, or an oversized gown don’t worry, you will still look wonderful and we’ll still create sensational sensual images!

Rest assured, you will not be asked to do anything beyond what you are comfortable doing. Your photo shoot will be entirely in your hands and within a safe environment. You will be in charge of how much and how we photograph you!

If you’re thinking of booking a Beauty Project photo shoot but have some questions you would like to ask please check out our other pages (see links below) designed to answer most questions, or feel free to call at 734 – 513-8100   /  Toll FREE  877 – 640-8150or  email us at absolutely NO OBLIGATIONS.

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Here’s are 2 resent testimonials:


“My session was so much fun. I had a great time, and the pictures are beautiful. I ordered an album for my husband and he looks at it 3 – 4 times a day, every day, for the last month.”

 Julie H.,

Milford, MI


“I was so nervous, I was sure the pictures would not look good, but I was wrong, they are beautiful. I ordered extra one’s over my package. I’m so happy I did this.”

Tracie M.,

Waterford, MI


You Are Amazing!

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