Happy 2017 Thanksgiving

Happy 2017 Thanksgiving to all of our past, current and future clients. Have a great Thanksgiving!

2017 Thanksgiving
Turkey with all the fixin’s on a table with rolls, gravy, cranberry sauce, white and sweet potatoes

Ambassador of the Month

Ambassador of the Month Certificate

Ambassador of the Month

From the Livonia Chamber of Commerce’s was an honor I was not expecting but here it is.

The Livonia Chamber of Commerce is fantastic in a word! For one fee that is much smaller than most networking organizations such as BNI you have the opportunity to join a networking group, regular morning coffee networking, evening networking opportunities, not to mention almost weekly events to get together with other business people. There are ribbon cutting events to meet some of the newest or expanding business in the area. The list goes on.

So if you are not a chamber member or would like more information please reach out. I’ll gladly point you in the right direction. I am an Ambassador of the Livonia Chamber, member of the Huron Valley Chamber, and a member of the South Lyons Chamber.

I can be reached at (734) 513-8100 or TOLL FREE at (877) 640-8150Ambassador of the Month Certificate



May Photo Restoration

Restoration Before & After

**May Photo Restoration**

I’ll make your old faded photo’s look new again. I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the outcome or you don’t pay me. Call me at (734) 513-8100 and save 20% OFF your photo restoration in May. Expires May 31st.

Just think of the gift you can give Mom by having her family heirlooms restored. We’ll take the old photos and restore them to look better than original by removing scratches, missing sections, fixing bad color, cropping properly, etc. to bring them to life again! We can print them to size for presentation to Mom, and frame them if you wish. You will be Mom’s star for Mothers Day!

May Photo Restoration
May Photo Restoration

Unfortunately “Mother’s Day” is over but we can do this as a fantastic Mothers Day gift all year long. Hint “Mothers Day” can be the day you present her with her favorite art worked restored! ** Call (734) 513-8100 NOW**


Molly’s Birthday

Molly with arms up smiling

Molly’s Birthday

Molly’s birthday photography was a success. I photographed Molly in the backyard and indoors in front of Algerian wall art.

(Back Story on How this Came About)
My special needs daughter is turning 8 on March 14th, and I was wondering if anyone knew the dynamics of getting her name on something. She saw the other night “Happy Birthday So and So” on a restaurant billboard and asked if it would be her name on her birthday. Anyone know of a business on Milford Rd or 59 that would be willing to put it up for a day? Do they ask for money for that? That started it off. Want to read more go to Facebook.com/highlandmatters

Molly Dolly on Saturday had her hair done at the salon. Bill Gailey of (The Village Engravers in Milford) paid to have her hair done and even got her a tiara. I

did the photography for her birthday.

Have a birthday or an event coming up? We would be happy to capture it for you professionally.

Call (734) 513-8100 or TOLL FREE at (877) 640-8150 Now

First Impression

First Impression

Your in business, and you know First Impression counts!

The Wall Street Journal reports that “LinkedIn profiles that include a photograph are seven times more likely to be viewed than those that don’t, according to company stats. Without a photo, you’ll be more likely to miss out on a job rather than land one.”

What first impression do you want to leave with your customer or prospect? What do you need?

• An executive portrait for a social media profile or business cards?
• Business headshots for an office full of colleagues?
• Custom photographs or videography for your web site or marketing materials?
• Recommendations on how you can properly and professionally use imagery to promote your business?

I’ve worked with professionals like you throughout Southeastern Michigan (Detroit, Livonia, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Ann Arbor, Commerce, Milford, Brighton, Monroe) and can help you and your business make a great first impression.

“Image isn’t everything, but it is the first message you send when connecting with others.” In career and in personal life, your visual presence speaks volumes: about who you are, where you’re going, and how fast you’ll get there.

I’m here to help you make sure your message is on-purpose.

Call (734) 513-8100 / Toll FREE (877) 640-8150 Today

Photo Restoration

Restored Photo

Photo Restoration

photo restoration
Restored Photo





Can I have my old photo restored? Sure? Call me at (734) 513-8100 and save 20% OFF your photo restoration. I’ll make your old faded photo’s look new again. I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the outcome or you don’t pay me.

Photo Restoration:

Just think of the gift you can give by having your (mothers, sisters, or friends,) old photos restored, bringing it to life again, printed and framed. You will be the hit of the birthday, anniversary or just plain get together. Offer ends February 6th. I only have time for 3 photo’s.

Cebella’s Pizza

Cebella’s Pizza

Mixing dough Pepperoni Pizza Chicago Style Pizza Hand Tossed Pizza Dough Submarine Sandwich

We had the honor of photographing a few menu items at Cebella’s Pizza. Dave Crawford makes a great pizza you really need to check out. They’re in Livonia on 5 mile in the plaza at Newburgh Rd and they deliver in Livonia part of Plymouth and part of Northville.

Dave Crawford is making a pizza the right way. They mix all their own dough from scratch following an exact recipe that has been handed down, (none of the bought stuff that most pizza shops use). They then make several different types of pizza you can choose from, plus great sub sandwiches, Broasted Chicken, other goodies and some cookies grandma would love to call hers.

They make a Chicago style pizza that their customers rave about, I personally enjoyed their hand tossed pizza. And. . . I can say it was great.

Give then a call at (734) 542-0800

You can check out their menu at www.Cebellaspizza.com

Happy 2016

Happy 2016

Happy 2016

What a year it has been, with lots of ups and downs. All in all, 2015 was a great year.

In 2016 we have a lot of new offerings coming up. Extended blog posts covering subjects such as preparing for your photo shoot session, selecting your images, retouching, and many more.

Happy 2016

We sincerely wish you a healthy, happy and safe 2016 New Year

Contest Winners

Contest Winners

Contest Winners

“It’s a Contest”

is over and we received a lot of different guesses. Contest winners will be announced on Facebook. If you are not familiar click here, or hop over to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MemorableMomentsArt and get all the details. And don’t forget to like our page.

It was a success for everyone but me. I expected much higher scores than what I got but that’s the way it goes. I found out I didn’t have good enough titles for each image and did not put a border around each image. We’ll do better next year.


Its a Win/Win for Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots Logo

As many of you know I’m a believer in the Toys for Tots program. No child should go without a Christmas, so every year I do all I can to help support them. The Toys for Tots program is local and everything goes to the kids.  When a toy is donated, Toys for Tots will store them in central warehouses where the toys are sorted by age and gender.  At Christmas, Coordinators, with the assistance of local social welfare agencies, church groups, and other local community agencies, distribute the toys to the less fortunate children of the community.

So I’m asking you to help me help them!  And. . . I’ll make it worth your while. For each new unwrapped toy with a value of $20 or more I’ll double your investment. For example, spend $20 on a toy, and I’ll credit you $40 towards any business, product or family photography. Spend $50 on a toy, and I’ll credit you $100 and so on! Spend $100, get credited $200!!

**That’s what I call a Win, Win!**

The kids in our area need the toys, but hurry! Christmas is only about 4 weeks away and I need to turn in the toys by December 18th. Call (734) 513-8100 or TOLL FREE at (877) 640-8150 today.